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Choice Exerpt June 15, 2008

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Water crashed against the pylons of the bridge below, the sound barely reached the pedestrians walking through the light winter’s snow. Daniel was leaning against the railing, staring down into the river. His eyes were unfocused, lost in thought, as he opened and closed the small velvet box in his hands. His black wool overcoat snapped in the wind. He didn’t feel its harsh bite; he just stood there lost in his own thoughts.

“I was afraid I would find you out here,” Mark said as he settled in beside Daniel. “You plan on jumping?”

Daniel sighed as he clicked the box closed. “It would be easier in a lot of ways if I did.”

Mark looked over at the box in Daniel’s hand. “Did she know you were going to ask?”

Daniel slipped the box into his coat pocket and adjusted his scarf tighter around his neck. “If she did, she was crueler than I would have ever imagined.”

Mark slid a comforting hand onto his brother’s shoulder. “We tried to tell you that she wasn’t good for you, Danny. She never deserved you.”

Daniel shrugged his shoulders, “Mark, I really don’t want to have an, “I told you so,” conversation. What’s next? Forget about her? There are plenty of other women out there? Could we just skip that part?”


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